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You’ve worked hard to build a stellar reputation.
When your facility doesn’t reflect your high standards, you suffer.

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White Glove Services

Your guests and staff should feel comfortable and productive. We supply everything to provide a clean, sanitized, attractive workplace. You’ll feel confident with our trained, insured, and carefully screened staff.

Cleaning Offices Large & Small

Receptions and Lobbies:

First impressions are irreversible. Do you dread appearing unprofessional with smudges on the glass; cobwebs in the corners; coffee spills on the tables?

White Glove’s attention to detail restores your confidence, creating a pristine, polished, professional atmosphere that welcomes your clients and inspires your staff. Now that’s a reflection on you!

Conference Rooms:

A messy conference room is distracting and can reduce your impact. Our cleaning staff will re-establish a focused environment for business. Polished tables, spotless chairs, and clean corners invite inspiration! Sanitized keyboards, phones, light switches, and doorknobs keep attendees healthier too, so everyone’s attention concentrates on the business at hand.

Private Offices:

You know your “piles” by heart – along with the dust behind your monitor and the trash under your desk. White Glove’s “lift and dust” policy respects your papers and privacy while restoring clean. With sanitized keyboards, phones, light switches, and doorknobs, your space will be as fresh as your ideas.

Additional Spaces:

Customization is key to properly maintaining your firm. Architecture, healthcare, engineering, finance, and law firms all have different needs and specialized spaces. Our continual communications policy gives you control and satisfaction.

Break Rooms:

You’ve earned that mid-day break! A clean, sanitized environment lets you relax and regroup. We clean your kitchenette like it was your home. Return to work refreshed and ready for business!

Specialty rooms:

Behind-the-scenes operations, specialized storage, and recreational rooms shouldn’t be forgotten. Custom cleaning requests are part of White Gloves “Touch Above” service. You tell us what you need – and we listen!

White Glove’s “Touch Above” Service meets and exceeds expectations in
cleaning just as you do in the rest of your business. The great impression you strive for starts at your front door!

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White Glove Benefits

Formal Inspection:

You know in business you get what you inspect, more than what you expect. Our professional Quality Assurance Inspectors maintain the consistency and thoroughness you seek (plus some complimentary extras)!

Convey Business Perception:

Your business deserves respect. Our meticulous care reflects your high standards. From client reception areas to the company lavatory, you’ll find every detail pleasing.

Exceeding Expectations:

Your business is your livelihood – and your home away from home. We combine professional integrity with fine home quality cleaning. Experience the satisfaction of "Touch Above" service with White Glove Cleaning Company.