Ann M.

White Glove Cleaning Company is awesome! The kitchen and conference rooms are scrubbed clean, each office is wiped down and vacuumed, and our work is always back in place on our desks just like we left it! I am very pleased with their professionalism.

Robert H.

I have been using White Glove’s cleaning service for over 5 years now. They come by the shop and clean twice a week. Working in a high traffic business we can generate a lot of dirt. White Glove’s professional staff does a wonderful job ensuring a clean facility for our daily operations. I highly recommend […]

Janie P.

I just began using White Glove cleaning service for my business and they are terrific! I was so amazed at the thorough job that they did. My expectations were definitely exceeded. Thanks White Glove, I will definitely recommend your services to others.

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